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Google Pixel 8

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Technical Specifications

Google Pixel 8 Features

  • Display: 6.2" Actual display, 60 to 120Hz
  • Camera: 10.5 MP front camera - 12 MP ultrawide - 50 MP wide
  • Camera features: Super Res Zoom up to 8x - Best Take - Macro Focus
  • Memory and storage: 8 GB RAM - 256 / 128 GB storage
  • Battery and charging: Fast charging, 24-hour battery - Wired and wireless charging

Ratings and Reviews

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User Reviews
  • 4.6 of 5 at Bestbuy (275+ reviews)

Our Google Pixel 8 Review

I recently had some hands-on time with the Pixel 8, and I must say, Google’s focus on a user-friendly experience shines through. The device’s camera performance stands out, capturing vivid colors and sharp details, rivaling any top smartphone on the market. Its 6.2-inch display is both sharp and responsive, making gaming and scrolling a breeze.

Battery life is another highlight — it easily lasted me a full day, and with the Extreme Battery Saver mode, I’d wager it’d last even longer without needing a charge. For someone prone to accidents, its car crash detection and other safety features provide a comforting layer of security. However, the absence of a charger in the box is a slight inconvenience. As for its AI tools, they’ve been a smart addition to my daily phone use, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience.

⭐ Customer Reviews

After recently using the Pixel 8, it’s clear the tidy and clear Android interface, coupled with a high-quality camera, strikes a chord with users like myself who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality. The inclusion of Google’s smart AI tools enhances the overall experience, making daily tasks smoother. It’s also comforting to see a robust battery life that reliably powers through the day.

However, some users might not be delighted about the absence of a charger in the box, which presents an additional purchase. The size also receives mixed reactions—while it fits comfortably in the hand and avoids the bulkiness of many modern phones, those accustomed to larger screens might need an adjustment period.

The transition from other smartphone brands to Pixel 8 has been largely positive among users I’ve interacted with. The sense of freedom and the intuitive Pixel UI are frequently mentioned perks. Additionally, the longevity of the device without performance degradation is a testament to its build quality. The phone’s value further increased for those who scored it bundled with accessories at a reasonable price. Despite some minor caveats, the Pixel experiential hallmark shines through, leaving most of us quite content with our purchase.

✅ Reasons to buy

Having recently used the Pixel 8, I found its camera capabilities particularly impressive, with the new macro focus feature allowing even the tiniest subjects to pop with detail and color. The flexibility of an unlocked phone was a huge plus for me, as I appreciate being able to switch carriers without hassle. With its 24-hour adaptive battery, my experience was that it effortlessly powered through a full day, and the emergency features, like crash detection, provided a sense of security I valued. Also, transitioning from my old device was a breeze, taking roughly half an hour to transfer all my data to the Pixel 8.

❌ Reasons not to buy

After spending quality time with the Pixel 8, I’ve noticed that even this top-tier smartphone is not without its drawbacks. For one, although the overall camera performance is remarkable, some users may find the lack of a telephoto lens limits the versatility in zoom photography. Additionally, despite its sleek design, the Pixel 8’s glossy finish can be quite a fingerprint magnet, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain its pristine appearance.

⚖️ The Verdict

After spending quality time with the Pixel 8, I’m struck by its compact size and standout features like the impressive camera and sleek user interface. Its day-long battery life is a commendable aspect, and overall, it offers a good balance between functionality and convenience.

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