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Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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Technical Specifications

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Features

  • Display: 6.1 inches
  • Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • OS: iOS 14

Ratings and Reviews

CellAZ rating based on 170+ reviews
User Reviews
  • 3.6 of 5 at Walmart (50+ reviews)
  • 4.2 of 5 at Bestbuy (100+ reviews)

Our Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review

Having recently had hands-on experience with the iPhone 12 Pro, we found it strikes a fine balance between high-end features and price. The renewed aspect is almost imperceptible, with minimal cosmetic damage that’s not visible at arm’s length and a battery performing at a strong capacity. The lack of headphones and a SIM card is noticeable, but the inclusion of a generic charger and cable softens that absence. Being unlocked, it’s versatile for various carriers, though some may miss the exclusivity of new brand-name accessories. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking Apple’s design and functionality without the premium price tag of a new device.

⭐ Customer Reviews

When we got our hands on the iPhone 12 Pro, the expectations were high, given Apple’s reputation. It’s clear that many people enjoy their experience with this refurbished device. Most customers were satisfied with the product’s condition, often highlighting how the phone appeared almost new, with flawless screens and cases. The battery capacity, often a concern with pre-owned electronics, was frequently reported to be at 100%, a pleasant surprise for many.

However, it wasn’t all perfect. Some users did mention minor cosmetic issues like scratches, and one pointed out the longer-than-expected delivery time, which is a crucial factor to consider. Despite the occasional criticism about color preference and storage capacity options, the overall sentiment tilts positively.

We’ve noticed an appreciation for the satisfaction guarantee, with mentions of the hassle-free return policy adding a layer of trust and security to the purchase. This refurb iPhone 12 Pro seems to hit the sweet spot for many looking to balance quality with costβ€”a promising option for those wanting to dive into the Apple ecosystem without the steep price tag of a brand-new model.

βœ… Reasons to buy

We found the iPhone 12 Pro’s compatibility with various carriers to be a major advantage, ensuring easy switching or continuation with our existing service. Its unlock status was quite seamless across carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. The absence of noticeable cosmetic damage made the device feel almost like new in our hands, maintaining Apple’s renowned aesthetic standards. The rigorous refurbishing process, which includes a full diagnostic test, gave us peace of mind about the phone’s functionality and security, as all personal data from previous users had been wiped clean. Lastly, the battery health guarantee, promising at least an 80% capacity, provided us considerable usage time without the need for an immediate charge.

❌ Reasons not to buy

While we’ve generally had a good experience with the iPhone 12 Pro, a couple of drawbacks caught our attention. Firstly, choosing a renewed model means occasionally dealing with minor cosmetic imperfections, such as an unexpected scratch, which might put off those who prefer their device in pristine condition. Secondly, despite the allure of cost savings, the wait time for delivery can be quite long, testing the patience of customers eager to start using their new device.

βš–οΈ The Verdict

After spending quality time with the iPhone 12 Pro, we’re thoroughly impressed by its condition, especially considering it’s renewed. It arrived in top-notch shape, with a flawless screen and battery at full health. This phone offers superb value, standing up to the expectations for an Apple device.

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